Computed tomography is more effective in the diagnosis of lung cancer

American doctors have proposed a new method of struggle with lung cancer, which, in their opinion, is more effective. They suggested for the diagnosis of tumors in the lungs to not use x-rays, as is customary, and computed tomography. It should be noted that persistent smokers are more susceptible to have lung cancer - one of the most deadly types of cancer in Europe and the USA. Every year in the United States die from lung cancer 158 000 people, and this is often due to late diagnosis.

American doctors have compared the benefits and harms of CT in the diagnosis of cancer, and came to the conclusion that low-dose computed tomography efficiently install lung cancer compared to traditional x-ray of the chest. While doctors should calculate the potential damage, which is applied at the time of diagnosis, and CT hitherto constituted a great danger. Additionally, the value of computed tomography higher, and most often, the costs for it are not reimbursed by the insurance company.

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In his scientific work, scientists from the U.S. conducted data analysis 53 thousand smokers, age at the time of the study was 55-74 years. All participants underwent x-ray or CT scan annually for 3 years. As it turned out, the mortality took place CT people was 20 percent lower than among those who were x-ray of the chest. In addition, tomography has revealed cases of lung cancer in 27 percent of cases, while the x-ray has set the development of this cancer just 9%.

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