Compression fracture: symptoms and treatment

Few people think how important the health of the spine for a full life, as he still fragile, and in what solicitous care needs. The spine, consisting of interconnected vertebrae, and other bones of the body can be broken. The most vulnerable sections of the spine are the lumbar and nizhnegrudnogo.

The causes of fractures can serve large loads on the vertebrae. Although it happens that the bone is a vertebra is too weak to hold even the natural loads. In this case small enough and pressure. In spite of the fact that the structure of the spine designed by nature so that he is able to cope with pressure when a sudden load vertebrae can fracture is compressional spine fracture.

Contributes to problems with the spine and fractures, and such diseases as osteoporosis. The thinning disease of bone, making the bone too fragile, resulting in an even tilt forward can cause fracture. Unfortunately, the disease is very common, especially among older people, particularly women, and leads to a hump (kyphosis).

Also worth noting is the high probability compression fractures after falling from height accidents and metastases localized in the region of the spine.

The first thing that a man feels when a fracture of the vertebrae is a sharp pain in the spine or extremities, numbness and inability to move. When a fracture caused by osteoporosis, pain will increase gradually, with a certain periodicity.

Based on the symptoms you described, as well as x-rays specialist will identify the fracture, its causes and prescribe treatment. It may include the elimination of pain, fixation and limitation of physical activity, as well as new techniques such as: vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. Most likely on a monthly basis, the patient will undergo x-rays, and full recovery will take not less than three months.

Usually the patient is prescribed bed rest to minimize the load on the spine and a speedy recovery. Try to comply with all recommendations of the doctor, especially if you have more than 50 years, and you suffer from osteoporosis.

Also, depending on the form of a compression fracture, the patient can be made corset, relieving the load on the vertebrae, and applied new methods of treatment.

Full implementation of all the recommendations of the expert - will reduce the occurrence of complications to a minimum, and accelerate recovery.

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