Complementary feeding for children under three months of age

Many moms are interested in a very important question, at what age you want and you can enter the foods the child is breastfed. This question is impossible to get a definite answer as to approach the foods should individually for each child. On this account there is no consensus for a long time it was believed that breast milk is sufficient for normal physical development of the child.

Many experts in this matter concluded that the introduction of complementary foods for children it is better to start with 4 months. When visiting the pediatrician should discuss this issue, the doctor will give the necessary advice, examine the baby. If the child is healthy and cheerful, it is already the fourth month, you can enter the foods.

The introduction of complementary foods be made within two weeks, daily increasing its portion to the required standards. At the time of adoption of complementary foods, and after it it is necessary to look closely to the child's reactions, and also to his chair. It is very convenient to supplementary feeding with a spoon, so the kid is prepared to receive more dense food. To start weaning you from one type to give the child the time needed to get used to this dish. After he got used to it, enter the following foods. For children who are bottle-fed, it is possible to start earlier for one week. During cooking are subject to mandatory heat treatment, you can grind them in the blender to during feeding vomiting in children. During cooking, if possible, it is better to do without the added sugar that the child is fully able to feel the taste of the used product.

Another important detail is the complementary foods given to making breast milk or formula, as it was full of milk or mixture, the child will not want to eat solid foods.

The lure of the child in 3 months.

Reaching three months of age, the child eats about 1 kg of food per day. When five-feeding he uses 200 g per reception. At three months of age as complementary foods are given daily chicken yolk that through mother's milk or a mixture is brought to the proper consistency.

By the end of the third month as a lure to give the cheese, which is rich in protein content of mineral salts. The cheese is better to cook at home by yourself by mixing equal proportions of milk and yogurt, put in a water bath, and when it will depart serum, discard any strainer.

Weaning baby from 4 months.

When the child reaches four months of its diet is introduced vegetable foods. First, given a bit so he could taste and evaluate a new dish. For better absorption of vegetable foods given during the lunch feeding 3 to 4 teaspoons. After the child is accustomed to one vegetable dish, you can start making another product.

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At this age it is possible to prepare a mixed mash of several vegetables and fruit. You can use potatoes, carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, beets. At the present time a very large selection of canned puree to a certain age, you can replace mashed fresh vegetables and fruits. Buying puree in the store, carefully read the annotation, composition and be sure to pay attention to the expiration date of the product. Many children happily eat canned juices and purees containing necessary for the development of the child vitamins. In addition to the vegetable puree from these vegetables can be cooked soup. In any case it is not necessary to persuade your child to eat a particular dish, also forcibly feed him. You must find the cause of loss of appetite in children. Over time, the number of complementary foods increases, thereby reducing the consumption of breast milk, milk formula.

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