Compiled perfectly balanced menu

As is well known nutritionists love to give advice about nutrition and to offer their diet program, but U.S. scientists have gathered together all the information on dietary recommendations and data about the benefits of products and presented to our attention the perfect menu that will help you feel healthy at a hundred percent, and to maintain an optimal weight.

For the main dish to choose the casserole with chicken, vegetables and lentils in this dish is high in protein, and Pantothenic acid in lentils prevents the body tired and maintains the sharpness of thinking. One of the main courses can be smoked or fresh salmon, rich extremely useful for a person acid, omega, along with lettuce, dressed with olive oil to regulate cholesterol.

For dessert scientists offer is yogurt pudding with walnuts, this dessert will not affect the level of sugar in the body, and the nuts will significantly improve the elasticity of blood vessels, protecting people from heart problems.

For sports according to scientists it is necessary to prepare a special complex drink that contains Biotin, zinc, calcium, iron, selenium, magnesium, copper. A simple alternative to it - berry shake, but it is high in calories, because to accept it is instead one of the meals.

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If you have a stable weight, at night you can drink hot chocolate that perfectly regulates the sleep mode.

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