Competition prevents women at work - the scientists

Researchers have proven that men and women need different motivation for productive work. Most employers in large companies come up with motivational techniques that apply to all workers, however, the effectiveness of employees can be done even higher, writes Psych Central.

As shown by recent research, women are more comfortable and more productive work in small groups. The sense of support increases the efficiency and creativity of the female sex. While working in a team there is no competition, which is beneficial to the desire of women to work and to strive to new heights.

Men, in contrast, requires constant competition. Most men, watching successful employees strive to reach their level and beat on all counts. Improve the competitive environment and the creativity of men.

Scientists summarize: do not hold contests between the teams. Such events do not give the desired effect and do not develop employees. Such conditions are useful exclusively for men's teams. Women as the competition is just depressing.

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