Communication through Facebook does not make human life happier

Facebook is a social network and the Corporation is known throughout the world. Was founded nine years ago and is actively developing, attracting new users.

Social networking allows you to communicate and exchange opinions people from all over the world, providing a basic human need is communication. Unfortunately, scientists have found that regular virtual communication does not improve the quality of life and dramatically reduces.

At the University of Michigan conducted the study. The results were amazing. It was found that time spent on social networks reduces the level of satisfaction with their own lives. Falls and level of happiness. Hundreds of virtual friends leaving only a sense of emptiness.

The study involved 82 respondents aged 18 years and older who spend on Facebook a long time. Respondents were asked five times a day, to answer the question that was asked them directly through the social network: "how lonely do you feel now?"

At the end of the study, on the basis of the obtained results, the scientists concluded: the more the Respondent spent time socializing in the virtual world, the more lonely and isolated he felt in the real world. In addition, the communication directly, face to face or at least on the phone has elevated the mood of the subjects.

Thus, people who use social networks in a bad mood, even more put themselves in depression and loneliness from which to get out every day more and more difficult.

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