Common style for men and women - the key the wrong diet

The key to a successful diet according to the American scientists is that while composing the first is to consider the gender of the person. According to their findings men consume more protein, although their health is more important than carbohydrates. Women eat more carbohydrates than their body. Scientists say that the General menu the whole family leads to incorrect diet of all its members.

For your own health, men should consume carbon 8 times more than proteins, women should consume an equal amount of proteins and carbohydrates and carefully monitor the amount of fat in your diet. Men and women often face different health problems, which should dictate their diet. For example, due to menstruation women often suffer from a lack of iron in addition to women much more than men, lack of calcium due to osteoporosis.

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In turn, men should get more fiber to reduce the risk of diseases of the rectum. The amount of protein for men should not be less than 15 percent of the daily intake, which is about 420 calories for women this figure should be around 300 calories. The amount of fat should not exceed 30 percent of the diet for men is no more than 840 calories per day for women - less than 600 calories. In addition to the weight of men and women affected by psychological and emotional factors, women are more likely to fall under the influence of the media and advertising, because it is difficult to stick to a meal plan. Women are more likely to do housework and procurement, this leads to the fact that they are more likely to try the food and break your diet.

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