Common skin diseases

Psoriasis is a chronic relapsing dermatosis, which manifests itself on the skin in the form of plaques with silvery-white scales. This is a genetically determined disease that affects any part of the skin, joints, nails and hair of the head. Types of disease by climatic factors are divided into winter and summer (peaking in the warm season and out of season. The odds psoriasis is vulgar, pustular (soles and palms), psoriatic arthritis and psoriatic erythroderma. Psoriasis effectively helps ointment tselestoderm, it also helps with other Cognis diseases, such as eczema, dermatitis, and other

Atopic dermatitis - dermatitis resulting from an allergic inflammation of the skin. Appears usually in children in the form of a diathesis, and may eventually develop chronic form. This disease is often accompanied by diseases such as bronchial asthma, urticaria, conjunctivitis, vasomotor rhinitis, which confirms the importance in the development of disease allergies. Atopic dermatitis appears on the skin as a rash on elbow, knee folds, neck, and accompanied by a strong itch, have a tendency to recur.

Eczema is a chronic and acute inflammatory disease of the skin. The disease occurs neuro-allergic soil, manifested as rash, itching, burning, with a tendency to re-occurrences. The cause of the disease can be both external (chemical, thermal, mechanical etc) and internal (kidney, liver, stomach, nervous and endocrine systems, and others). Eczema on the skin appear such an integral part of the rash: erythema, serpula and bubbles. On the site of the ruptured vesicles appear to erosion, which leads to the selection of exudate that forms on the skin moist surface. When the skin dries, it forms a crust, which occurs epithelialization. Eczema is true, microbial, seborrheic, disgestrotical, relationsa (masalawala).

Scabies is a contagious parasitic disease that causes the itch Sudan. The disease is transmitted by contact with an ill person or touching infected items, as well as sexually. Female scabby tick, done through cestocide moves in the skin , lays eggs in the stratum corneum of the epidermis. There are the following symptoms of scabies: severe itching on the skin appear paired nodular-bubble lesions, cestocide moves and abrasion when the itching of the skin.

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