Common eye diseases their causes and symptoms

Health problems and in particular with eyes rightfully considered to be very serious. Among the large list of known diseases that are related to the eyes, in a separate list and allocate those diseases, which in practice are often. Choose several of these diseases and will talk about them in more detail.


The first such disease can be called conjunctivitis. Among the population is rare to meet someone who would never suffered from similar diseases. The reasons that trigger this eye disease are either allergens or infection and bacteria. To determine that you develop conjunctivitis, you have the following symptoms: redness, burning, watery eyes. The first sign may be active pus from the eyes. The majority of allergic conjunctivitis is evident in the time when in the air a lot of pollen. In this case, the first and the most severe symptom can be called itch.


Next, continuing the conversation about introducing diseases, I want to add the barley, as another eye disease, upper, eyelid cartilage or sebaceous his cancer. Provokes the emergence of barley eye infection, such as Staphylococcus aureus. To recognize the barley is possible, if there is swelling of the century, however, the redness, and all of this pain.


The most common today can be called a disease - sightedness. The result of this disease can be called poor visibility of the objects located at a relative distance. This is because the image is fixed is not on the retina, but in front of it. Suffering from this disorder, a person can see clearly only those items that are near.

But as for the causes of this eye disease, you can select a whole line. For example, one of the main reasons is a very big strain on the eyes, any work done at close range. Next on the list, you can highlight the causes of hereditary nature. Poor diet that lacks vitamins and minerals is also becoming a prerequisite to the development of the disease.

As for the main symptoms of myopia, in addition to vision loss may be noted eyestrain at a certain load that trigger headaches.

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