Coming soon: oral contraceptive for men

Researchers from the Cancer Institute Dana-Farber found the connection on the basis of which will be developed the first non-hormonal oral contraceptive pill for men , who will have no negative side effects.

The researchers conducted an experiment on mice, which showed that JQ1 molecule makes male mice not just barren and reversible barren. While libido mice did not decrease, and the offspring after the drug they were born healthy.

However, while male contraceptives based on it created were not, as in the ovaries of any drug are difficult to penetrate through the barrier of the circulatory system. This difficulty is caused not fully reliable different types of male contraception. The selection of methods of contraception for men now a truly small compared to the female variant. In fact new contraceptives for men was not offered since the invention of the condom hundred years ago.

Because protein BRDT, which operates an open matter, largely similar in humans and mice, scientists believe that open substance will become the Foundation of a successful male oral contraceptive.

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