Colored plates will help to get rid of overweight, sure, scientists

Scientists have discovered an interesting correlation between the color plates and an average volume of servings. It turned out that color tableware reduces required for saturation of the amount of food. Enough to abandon white ware writes DNA India to help themselves in the fight against excess weight.

Great contrast between the color of the plates and food affects the portion that man imposes himself. It is worth noting that affects not so much the color of dishes or food, as their ratio. High risk to overestimate their culinary abilities, if you eat rice from a white dish or soup of red.

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However, in contrast, when white rice is located on the black plate, the need for large amounts, as a rule, disappears. Scientists have proven that already with four years of a child "absorbs" the food is not only the stomach but also the eyes. Often visual perception determines the palatability of a particular product and attitude.

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