Color of urine will tell about the person's state of health

Most diseases affect the amount and color of urine. In the normal amount of daily urine ranges from 1 to 2 liters, writes Liberty Voice. The color of normal urine is straw-yellow of varying severity. A large amount of fluid reduces the concentration of acid and the color of urine.

The norm is more dark urine in the morning after waking up, because the night, people do not drink. Urine color can be a custom color, if eve was eating blackberries, beets, took specific drugs, which are effectively removed by the kidneys.

However, causeless change the quantity and quality of urine is an occasion to address to the doctor. Urine is amber in color may indicate kidney stones, blood is found in infections of the kidneys and urinary tract.

Brown urine is sometimes detected in liver diseases. Usually this symptom is combined with bloating, fatigue, bleeding disorders. Dark colored urine is an indication of hepatitis and cancer of the pancreas, blockages of the bile duct.

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However, you should not trust the subjective performance is much better to consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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