Colonoscopy - indications and contraindications

The length of the colon of an adult reaches one and a half meters. To explore her quite difficult, the most reliable and effective method of this research is to colonoscopy.

This study by using a colonoscope which provides a flexible probe with illuminated eyepiece and a pointing device for collection of "samples". In modern models are mounted camera, photographing or transmitting to screen views of sections of the intestine.

A colonoscopy helps to evaluate such factors as the diameter of the lumen of the intestinal type mucosa, inflammation and hemorrhoidal formations, fractures, ulcers, polyps or foreign phone Tongs fence material help to remove small polyps, tumors. With the help of the colonoscope is possible to eliminate the sources of minor bleeding. Indications for colonoscopy

1. Reaching forty years of age.

2. Pain in the colon.

3. The presence of foreign bodies in the intestines.

4. Mucous and pus from the anus.

5. Regular violations of stool (constipation, diarrhea).

6. Diagnosed with rectomanoskopia polyps (swelling).

7. Strong weight loss, anemia. Contraindications 1. Acute course of infectious processes

2. Exacerbation of ulcerative colitis.

3. Peritonitis.

4. Pulmonary insufficiency.

5. Cardiac failure.

6. problems with blood clotting.

In these cases, diagnosis is carried out by other means.

Preparation procedure Preparation examination

For three days this template shall not be shown diet and colon cleansing.

The patient should not include foods with a large number of dietary fiber, causing bloating.

In the list of "forbidden" foods will also include all beans, carbonated beverages and milk, oats, barley and wheat grains, berries, figs and bananas, cabbage and carrots. Dishes from a turnip, radish, and beet.

Before a session can be eaten boiled low-fat fish and meat, soups, bread and biscuits. For dinner before the examination and for Breakfast only tea or water.

Purgation well-Known ways of purifying the intestines remain enema and laxatives medicines.

Cleansing enema in the morning and evening, for two time intervals per hour. Use clean water.

For medical cleaning recommended: duphalac, fleet or Fortran.

The procedure

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The patient is lying on his right side, tucked belly and his legs. The colonoscope is inserted into the anus gradually, with simultaneous admission in there air. The duration of the procedure ten minutes.

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