Colon cleansing is harmful, not good

Cleaning the intestines according to the method of the colon Clenz in recent years has gained popularity, however, there is no evidence that this procedure, especially conducted in the home, brings health benefits. Purgation may cause vomiting, kidney failure and even death, so consider the specialists from Georgetown University.

Colon cleansing with colon Clenz involves flushing the bowel with the help of chemical substances, and then washing with water through the colon. The researchers analyzed data cleanup procedure and concluded that the procedure doesn't do any good, only side effects, such as bloating, vomiting, convulsions, imbalance of electrolytes and renal failure.

The colon Clenz often sold in the form of laxatives than, powders, capsules, they are all touting the benefits of cleansing, which actually does not exist.

Often cleaning the intestines offer people who do not have medical education. Consumers should know that the drugs consumer to clean the intestine does not have any relation to drugs and can not be sold in pharmacies.

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