Colds can be predicted, experts say

The subjective evaluation of health status from person to provide comprehensive information on its immunity. This is evidenced by the results of the scientists from Carnegie Mellon University. They investigated the influence of assessment by the person's own health and immune system, says Zee News.

In total the study included 460 healthy people, the age of the volunteers amounted to 18-55 years. The researchers asked the subjects to rate their health on a five point scale system (from excellent to poor). In the study, some volunteers were faced with the cold virus, all the sickness they carried out under the supervision of specialists.

Note, during the study got sick only a third of the subjects. Among them there were almost no people who subjectively evaluated their health as "fair", "very good" and "good". But people who regarded themselves as very healthy or quite sick, actually sick more often and ached worse.

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