Cold on the lips - how to treat?

For anybody not a secret that the prolonged winter has a negative impact on the human body. Most of us in this period faced with the perennial problem of occurrence of cold on the lips. Medicine has given this phenomenon a more concise name - herpes. Viral infection shows itself by the appearance on the lips of smaller bubbles, which spoil the appearance and deliver painful feelings in the first place, burning.

The herpes virus lives in every human body, but so far no one was able to foresee his way out of "hibernation", the transition to the active phase. Here, as a rule, triggered Murphy's law, the emergence of the common cold occurs at very inopportune moments. The body has to fight not only for beauty but for health. How to escape from this insidious scourge?

Of course, you should always be on the alert, and not to miss the moment when the cold is just going to seem on the light. On the lip when it felt itching and minor tingling. Fast cure cold on the lips is only possible if you start to act at the initial stage of development of the disease. If herpes is left untreated, the attenuation of the inflammatory process will not occur earlier than in a couple of weeks. Proper treatment of protude on the lips will provide you with quick relief from the unsightly folderico.

In our country it is a very common treatment of herpes means at hand, so to say "folk" methods. And what we recommend our "experts" of the people? Very often you can hear the Council that on the inflamed areas before bedtime should be applied toothpaste, and in the morning rinse agent. The effectiveness of this method, called "dry" inflammation, is very doubtful, indeed, a little-known ingredients that are part of the toothpaste, and what reaction they may call after application of the composition to the skin.

Of course, there are also more gentle methods: lubrication inflammation fir oil or lemon juice, poultice of onions, tea bags, lotions cooled with a leaf aloe Vera, etc. whatever it is, you should not experiment too active. Better to deal with your problem to the doctor.

Traditional medicine also offers a lot of money, with which you can eliminate the signs of herpes. The most popular remedy for colds is currently ointment Zovirax (England). Cost a meager 2-gram package - 300 rubles. Cheap, but no less effective alternative is 5% acyclovirbuy ointment. In drugstores it is being implemented in the tube for 15-20 grams for only 50 rubles. By the way, in the fight against herpes protagonist is acyclovir. The cream or ointment should be applied 3-4 times a day for 4-5 days. This will allow you to completely get rid of colds. If to interrupt treatment, will disappear when the external signs, then relapse. Do not use tools with a high content of acyclovir too often. Sooner or later the body will cease to react to them, and lips can be covered with cracks. For the treatment of herpes in the form of heavy use famvir, valacyclovir or zovirax tablets, but their use must appoint a physician to prescribe a patient a prescription for the purchase of these drugs.

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