Cold feet increase the risk of infectious diseases - expert

Dr. Ron Eccles from the center of the cold Cardiff University for 25 years, tried to install, as cold feet affect the risk of infectious diseases (colds). Data about the study published by The Daily Mail.

In the body of each person contains a large number of bacteria. Together with the lowering of body temperature is reduced and the immune system. Bacteria and viruses multiply, giving rise to the symptoms of the common cold. In this condition affected mucosa of the oropharynx and nose, which facilitates the penetration of additional infectious agents in the body.

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Scientists advise to keep your feet warm and take care of your own skin, to dress for the weather. Sickly people should be wrapped his nose during long walks. This should reduce the chance of catching an infection on the street in the bitter cold. You should also protect your back from the cold wind.

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