Cola may trigger the development of impotence and infertility – scientists

Cola is not the most safe beverage. According to scientists from the Copenhagen University of Denmark. They found that regular intake of sugary sodas with caffeine can have serious health problems. However, that negative effect has developed, you need to drink a liter of Cola daily for several years, the magazine writes the Sun.

The researchers analyzed the semen of men. It turned out that regular consumption of Cola reduces sperm concentration by about 30%. About the influence of other factors on the quality of the semen, scientists are not reported.

Even Cola is able to provoke the development of erectile dysfunction. Although this question scientists to a common opinion have not come. The relationship may be more complex. Usually a lot of Cola people drink, frequenting fast food restaurants. And overeating, in turn, leads to obesity. Excess weight affects hormones and can cause impotence.

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