Cohabitation is the best form of relationship

Journal of Marriage and Family, based on the claims of many psychologists, on their pages the following describes the idea of marriage, of course, has a positive effect on physical and mental health, but the so-called "civil marriage", it's reassuring to people, thereby making them more happy.

Says co-author publications, Kelly music from the Cornell College of human ecology in General, formal marriage and civil are very similar and any difference between them disappears immediately after the honeymoon. However, her observations simple cohabitation without defining printing in the passport, contributes to a more rapid development personal growth of any person.

Scientists specially conducted research on the topic, they were interested in all the social relations, health, happiness and depression participants. Statistics showed the following results: for the past six years from 2737 investigated, 896 men and women were either married or were simply cohabiting. Based on these data, it is possible to make quite clear conclusions - not only marriage, but also other forms of relationship can bring people joy, satisfaction, peace and happiness. Kelly music notes that in the near future may increase the level of simple cohabitation, instead of the official relations. People will be quite happy, they will not quarrel and "break" family ties, as it comes after several years of official relations. Of course, there is another side of the coin - the birth rate in the society can be significantly reduced, which is directly related to the demographic crisis.

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