Coffee reduces the risk of developing breast cancer

Researchers from Sweden published in the open scientific online journal Biomed Central research, according to which the consumption of coffee reduces the risk of developing breast cancer.

In the study, researchers compared all the lifestyle factors in women with breast cancer and without it, found regularity surprised researchers! The coffee lover the percentage incidence of breast cancer was several times lower than women who prefer other drinks.

A group of scientists from the Karolinska Institute so says the owl discovery: "At the moment, the scientific world is full of conflicting information about the effect of coffee on the human body. However, our German colleagues have conducted a similar study and our arguments only confirmed it, as in Sweden, this dependence is much more pronounced. It is quite possible that the beneficial effect of coffee also depends on its grade, which is consumed in the country, and method of preparation".

At the moment not clear the exact mechanism of the effect of coffee on the prevention of breast cancer in women, scientists doubt that the reason for this is contained in coffee phytoestrogens.

In turn, not be amiss to remind once again that the most important thing when treating this type of cancer is early diagnosis. Dear women, please think of your health and do not postpone visit to the doctor if you feel tightness in your chest or feel unusual severity.

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