Coffee reduces the likelihood of depression in women

Regular consumption of coffee reduces the risk of developing depression, this is the conclusion reached by scientists from the Harvard school of public health, USA. Drinking in the day, two to three cups of coffee people are in the group of low risk to develop depression, the chances of getting a psychological disorder reduced by 15 percent.

Although scientists emphasize that a lot depends on the dose. For example lovers to drink four or more cups is in the group reduced risk ( 20 percent) of developing the disease compared to those who drink a little coffee.

The researchers analyzed more than 50,000 state healthy women for ten years ( on average women performed slightly above 60 years of age at study end). Caffeine consumption was taken into account in any drink, not just in coffee, with the help of questionnaires. Then women were examined for the expression of depressive symptoms. It turned out that the likelihood of depression decreased depending on the amount of coffee consumption.

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However, researchers have not yet identified the biological explanation of this effect and can operate only with the facts of the experiment.

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