Coffee protects against skin cancer - scientists

Experts from Yale University, the National cancer Institute has established: the risk of skin cancer can be reduced by 20% when using a few Cup of coffee per day. Mechanisms of influence of caffeine or other compounds on the development of cancer is not yet clear.

The study took scientists more than a decade. Just analyzed the health 450 thousand people, in the process of observation, scientists have identified five thousand melanoma (skin cancer).

The survey showed that people who drank coffee had a 20% reduced risk of melanoma. Note, a similar effect was recorded when people were extremely caffeinated coffee.

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Over the past few years there have appeared a number of scientific works, revealing the beneficial properties of coffee. It is proved that the drink slows down the aging nervous tissue, helps in the prevention of diabetes and certain cardiovascular disorders. Systematic drinking coffee improves mood, helps from depression with apathy and saves memory for years to come. Note, studies showing the harm from coffee as much.

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