Coffee is the best drink for office workers

The coffee lovers can be calm. Moreover, there was recently identified a link between coffee and burning fat, reducing the possibility of developing Alzheimer's disease, stimulation of muscle growth and it is already known that coffee may protect against certain types of cancer.

Now a new study by Norwegian scientists says: just one Cup of this fragrant drink, drunk in the morning before work, can dull the pain in the neck. Experts from the Norwegian national Institute of occupational safety together with hospital staff at the University of Oslo conducted an experiment, which was attended by 48 people.

22 participants complained of chronic pain in neck and shoulders, and the remaining 26 were healthy. The subjects were every day a half hours without a break to work intensively on the computer (during the experiment, participants could only use a computer mouse). This activity often leads to pain in the neck and shoulder.

In the 19 people who drink coffee before working at the computer, the pain is not felt, in contrast to the other 29 volunteers who did not drink coffee. Their degree of pain, scientists were evaluated by using a special table. Thus, this experiment demonstrated that coffee makes it easier in some degree of physical pain. But fully relieve pain in the body the drink, of course, cannot.

To investigate this effect of coffee they plan to spend some more research.

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