Coffee increases the risk of death twice

Coffee is a drink that is made from roasted seeds of the genus coffee. The history of coffee has a long history. During all this time there have been many drinks on the basis of this plant, which has become part of everyday consumption. But only recently was confirmed by the statistical fact: four servings of coffee daily increase the risk of sudden death before 55 years of age by half. When this relationship between mortality from coffee after 55 years was found.

Coffee became the drink of modernity. Systematically accounting for over half of the U.S. population, exposing themselves to additional risk of death. It is in this country and a study was conducted in which was revealed the relationship between mortality from diseases of the cardiovascular system and coffee. Was investigated over forty thousand people aged 20 to 80 years. They were questioned: the questions covered the way they live their lives, the amount of coffee consumed daily. The research took place 16 years.

During experiment it was noted 2,5 thousand deaths, a third of whom were associated with the cardiovascular system. The findings surprised the scientific community: people who consume more than four servings of coffee a day had a risk of dying by 50% more than those't drink coffee at all. In General, the junkies according to statistics, more smoke and unsportsmanlike conduct way of life, which also adversely affects their health.

Surprisingly, the link between coffee consumption and mortality after the age of 55 were noticed. This may be due to congenital "strong" cardiovascular system studied. Were not noticed and difference in the effect of caffeine on men and women - he acted equally pernicious. Pharmacists remind: caffeine causes the release of epinephrine, which constricts blood vessels, causing high blood pressure. It is often the cause of many deaths. It is possible that in a basis of coffee may be a genetic predisposition.

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