Coffee - good or bad? Interesting facts

Many people start the day with a Cup of coffee without thinking about whether it will bring benefits, but may on the contrary will harm.

Meanwhile, the world's scientists are trying to answer this question for many years. Some people believe that coffee is harmful to health, while others say its medicinal properties. This drink invigorates, stimulates memory, improves mood. The main components of coffee, which creates an addiction to it, is caffeine. It stimulates the exposure of the brain to the Central nervous system (CNS) and the cardiovascular system. So there is a sense of vitality, strength , reduces headaches.

But caffeine is just one of the five chemical constituents of the drink. Also in coffee beans contains calcium, potassium, iron, sulfur, sodium, nitrogen, chlorine, magnesium, phosphorus, 8 b vitamins and healthy organic acids (acetic, citric, coffee, Hinn and chlorogenic).

• Because caffeine is a stimulant activity of the Central nervous system, it improves brain function, improves stamina and endurance. So coffee is recommended to use for people who work in offices. Another advantage of caffeine is that it improves the respiratory center of the brain and helps the expansion of the pulmonary vesicles, which is very useful for asthmatics. According to Japanese doctors, coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer. The use of this drink more than six cups a day reduces the risk of such diseases as diabetes type II twice.

• Smokers, people who drink coffee, decreases the chance of developing lung cancer. Also, people suffering from alcohol addiction, drinking this drink are less likely to acquire cirrhosis of the liver.

• Scientists from the University of Arizona studied a group of people 65 years and came to the conclusion that the drink not only increases alertness, but also improves memory, especially in the elderly.

• As Iranian scientists have found that adding caffeine to antibiotics, medicines effect on harmful bacteria increases.

• Another important fact, which was confirmed by the study of James may from the University of Nashville is that coffee contains many antioxidants. They protect the person from harm the environment.

Only use this drink should be moderate. The optimal amount of caffeine per day is 300-500mg.

Of course, all these good quality organic coffee which is prepared correctly. Quality drink involves precise adherence to all the parameters of its preparation.

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