Coffee, bread and chips will kill newborns

The use of a woman of chips during pregnancy causes her child serious problems. The survey 1,100 women have proved that the presence of this product, like cookies, food caused the birth of children with underweight.

The reason is that such food as well as coffee and bread contain acrylamide produced by heat treatment of starchy foods. It plays a role in the fixation in children and reduced by 0.33 cm volume of the head, with associated developmental delays.

In particular, if the mother ate a lot of acrylamide, the weight of their children was less than 132 grams of weight infants born to mothers not consumed acrylamide. The same effect was detected in Smoking during pregnancy mothers.

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According to scientists, newborns with low body weight observed an increased risk of developing osteoporosis, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. In the process, the staff of the Centre for research in epidemiology and environmental studies not only the diet of women and umbilical cord blood of children.

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