Coffee beans help lose weight

Market products, promote weight loss, has been enriched by a new trend - extract green coffee beans. This has started from Dr. Mehmet oz, who said on one of the talk shows on conducting a personal experiment, which was attended by 100 women. The group that took the extract had an average weight-on-one pounds in two weeks. The indicators in the placebo group, was only a pound.

As you know, green beans contain chlorogenic acid, which release sugar slows down (acid is destroyed during roasting). The idea is that this quality and you want to reduce weight. Effectiveness acid was also tested by Dr. Joe Vinson, a chemistry Professor Screenscope University. However, experts immediately put his conclusions into question.

In the University of Scranton were invited men and women (for 8 people). They all received large and small doses of the extract of coffee beans. Were used and pill-placebo. Under the terms of the experiment, all participants consumed a certain amount of calories.

22 weeks later revealed that the average weight loss among the participants of the experiment amounted to slightly less than 8 pounds. However, skeptics argue that to determine the influence of the extract on weight loss is difficult to measure due to the small number of volunteers and of questionable purity of the experiment.

For reference

- World leader manufacturer of coffee is Brazil.

- Interestingly, in the 17th century in Britain, it was believed that coffee may help to get rid of scurvy and gout.

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- Ludwig van Beethoven became famous not only because of his talent, but also coffee. He always made coffee only from 60 grains.

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