Coffee after five in the evening harms the body

Coffee is a drink that tones the body and helps to find the strength to continue. Many people start their day with a serving of this drink. However, not all coffee has a beneficial effect. Frequent consumption leads to the breakdown of biorhythms, disturbance of the nervous system, chronic fatigue and dependence on caffeine. On the eve of the American scientists have proven that coffee is not a drink after five o'clock in the evening. At this time the drink can be one of the causes of insomnia and nervous overstimulation.

The article, published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine States that the list of pathologies typical coffee lovers quite common. They are often faced with sleep disorders, dependence on coffee, exhaustion of the nervous system, which leads to chronic fatigue syndrome. Scientists note that the dependence on coffee in a way similar to alcohol dependence. Such people can not fully awake or to start doing the work until you have a portion of his drink.

Despite the energizing effect of the coffee, which is so appreciated, this drink has a number of negative impacts. For example, he reduces bone density in middle-aged people, which leads to increased frequency and severity of fractures.

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A group of scientists from the national coffee Association said that drinking more than four cups of refreshing drink in a day significantly increases the risk of death before retirement age. Coffee has grown into a culture of consumption, in countries such as the United States annually consumed 400 million cups of coffee. This was the main reason for the deep analysis of this drink and the extent of its impact on citizens ' health. For this American scientists conducted the study, which lasted 16 years. In its course it was found that the avid coffee lovers often have experienced problems with the cardiovascular system, had an increased risk of death and disorders of the nervous system. This relationship was observed in all age groups, and the problem concerns not only men but also women.

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