Coconut oil is a useful product when you combat a number of diseases and obesity

As shown by a study conducted by researchers from the University of Queensland, the oil that is contained in coconuts is useful for obesity, exhaustion, and also as a means of prevention of stroke and Alzheimer's disease, reports the Scientists were also able to establish that coconut oil causes a surge of energy, lowers cholesterol, normalizes insulin levels and destroys pathogenic organisms. Therefore, coconut oil is useful for people suffering from diabetes and cardiovascular disease, because of its properties it can prevent stroke and diseases of the brain, including Alzheimer's disease.

It should also be noted that the obtained results are in contradiction with the official opinion of Cardiology Association of Australia, according to which the oil of coconuts equal to saturated fats and is considered harmful to health. Meanwhile, the use of this product is evidenced by Bruce Fife, a scientist from the American center for the study of coconuts. According to him, derived from coconut oil is the healthiest of all saturated fats, as it is easily digested, and is recommended for use with exhaustion.

In addition, it speeds up metabolic process, which makes it indispensable for anyone wishing to lose weight without harming the body. It should be recalled that the refusal of fat intake can lead to dry skin, hair loss, and in women it may cause hormonal disturbances. American expert advises to use coconut oil for 1-3 teaspoons daily.

Derived from coconut oil contains medium chain triglycerides, and because of the chain length properties of this oil is much different from other saturated fats with long chains.

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