Coconut juice in doubt

An independent laboratory conducted an analysis gained in recent years the popularity of coconut water and found that some brands of this product is much less electrolyte than advertised.

Coconut water has become a new fashion fad celebrity, her drink to avoid dehydration after exercise and to recover quickly. It is replete electrolytes - sodium and magnesium, and is viewed as an alternative to sports drinks. However, its reputation does not justify itself, provides the true content of some brands of coconut water is not indicated on the label.

Researchers from consumer lab has found that only one brand of the four pointed truthful information on the packaging, in other nutrients that promote hydration was 82 percent below the specified. But electrolytes is one of the main components of drinks, that is why they are recommended by the nutritionists.

The doctors remained in his opinion, after a workout, it is better to drink water, and sodium and magnesium to get from a banana and almond butter. Coconut water is only good taste, but not to be able to contribute to the training. Thus, produced modern companies coconut juice is just another product with a tropical taste, scientists do not recommend to rely on its hydration properties only if you don't drink it from a real coconut.

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