Cocaine addiction will help you cope cure for diabetes

A fairly well-known medication for the treatment of diabetes of the second type may take the fight against drug addiction. We are talking about the drug Byetta. As it turned out, his method helps to cope with withdrawal syndrome when dependence on cocaine. This tells Zee News.

Scientists have conducted an experiment with laboratory rats. Animals provided the opportunity to receive cocaine, it was enough to press the lever to generate a portion of the drug. Once dependence in rats were able to form, scientists placed the brain in rodents, the receptor GLP-1, the main active ingredient of the drug Byetta.

The drug reduced the need for animals in drug even if you have a constant access to it. Apparently, the drug may help patients with drug dependence. Already there is evidence that Byetta safe for humans. Now I would like to know about its effectiveness in the treatment of addiction.

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