Coca-Cola can dissolve dense fiber

Held Greek scientists study showed that Coca-Cola can dissolve a foreign body. Greek gastroenterologists conducted this experiment in a team under the leadership of Spiros Frets from Medical school at the University of Athens and Laikon hospital. The studies were conducted among patients phytobezoars.

It should be recalled that this disease occurs when the gastrointestinal tract of the person is a foreign body, which consists of bones, skin and fibers, which he swallowed. This disease is inherent in the places where people mostly eat vegetables and fruits. These countries are Indonesia, Japan. South America.

In 50 cases out of 100 soda just opened this formation, which was in the stomachs of patients. In 19 patients out of 46 who took part in the experiment, a foreign body simply rasmala, and it managed to raise the endoscope. Doctors believe that the destruction of hard fibers could Coca-Cola because it has coal and phosphoric acid.

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Such studies Greek specialists from 2002 year.

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