Clutter contributes to creativity

Until recently it was believed that the eternal clutter interferes with normal brain to work. This affects the health, ability to concentrate, constant distraction by external factors. Scientists at the University of Minnesota assure us that this is not the case, citing the study.

The condition of the working place is often possible to characterize a person. Permanent procedure tends to be supported pedantic, but the generous people tend to eat right. People who believe the mess the natural state of Affairs, often freed from conventions, their thought processes are faster and more vigorous. Among these "nerah" you can often find people creative activity or scientists, that is, people who have no time and desire to maintain order.

To confirm this statement was an experiment. Two groups of workers were forced to work in different conditions: one was placed in a perfectly clean office, others in a complete mess. Volunteers got the job. In addition, they could donate it to charity and eat this Apple or chocolate.

The test showed that people under purity were inclined to charity, but showed less creativity in the execution of the main task. And it was that it was necessary to develop a ten uses for the humble ball, you play table tennis. The number of ideas the two groups did not differ, in contrast to the share creative ideas in them: in the second group of Neriah" creative contribution to the task was much higher.

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