Clubfoot in children - what to do?

Among the most common defects that occur in children during the first years of life, is still leading the clubfoot. Many parents do not give this issue special values, believing that a child this defect simply implode. Very often this opinion is wrong. If in early childhood, the child has developed an incorrect statement of the foot, then in the future he will face serious problems associated with the occurrence of various disorders in the musculoskeletal system.

Signs of clubfoot parents can easily identify yourself. The first is: povorachivanie stop baby inside when walking. If clubfoot born with a child, the diagnosis of it can in the hospital, and, in some cases at the stage of fetal development.


Congenital clubfoot reveal the baby still in the hospital, so treatment can begin almost immediately after birth. Clubfoot purchased may be a consequence of diseases and mechanical damage.

The reasons for the development of the defect:

• hip dysplasia;

• rickets;

• increased muscle tone;

• hereditary factor;

• heavy pregnancy;

• mechanical injury;

• improper selection of shoes;

• premature use of a Walker.


If clubfoot in babies was identified in a timely manner to repair the defect will be enough of outpatient treatment. The child should see a pediatric orthopedist and neurologist.

Upon detection of clubfoot in the first year of life specialist may prescribe the use of a light bandage, able to fix the legs in the correct position.

To remove increased muscle tone, you need to take a special course of massage regularly to do with the kid gymnastic exercises. The pool and therapeutic baths will also have a positive impact on the crumbs.

Surgery is done only if the outpatient treatment of positive results does not work. To restore muscle function as quickly as possible, the rehabilitation period includes special procedures.

To move the child should only orthopedic shoes, foot orthotics, custom made.

Take care to your baby in the first years of his life, and he will grow up healthy and happy!

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