Close the fast food restaurant is another factor for obesity in children

The demand for fast food restaurants increases from year to year. In developed and developing countries, the number of fast food restaurants is constantly growing. From the Central areas they apply to residential. It turned out that the close location of fast food to the place of residence leads to early obesity in children, writes Health and Place.

The presence of alternative healthy eating gives the child the right choice to go eat a Burger or eat at home. Often the child has a preference for fatty foods. Such a conclusion was made by scientists after the study of children living near fast food restaurants in the UK.

Research has shown that about half of these children are obese. The average for the country would be much lower.

It is worth remembering that weight problems in 70% of cases pass into adolescence and adulthood. Excess weight leads to heart disease, diabetes, diseases of the bone and nervous system.

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