Clinics refuse to remove the inserted them substandard implants

Health Minister of great Britain said that women in the UK have the right to sue the cosmetic clinic, refusing to perform free surgeries for women who want to remove breast implants. Many of the operations on breast augmentation were conducted in women who have had breast cancer.

British women are deeply concerned about the threat to their health because of the scandal with poor quality implants, while one of the sets implants clinics in Harley medical Group has refused to carry out their removal.

Minister encourages women to apply in your hospital and get free help with directions, although they will be able to get just remove and not replace implants.

The company refused to remove the implants, will be prosecuted in court, said the Minister of health.

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It is Harley medical Group was the Saami large buyer of defective implants from France. Recall that these implants were used silicone gel for industrial use for filling mattresses. In this clinic was held 13900 operations in the period from 2001 to 2012, and were inserted 4000 implants. The clinic representatives agreed only to replace those that have an obvious gap in the breast of women. To spend such a large number of operations is now the clinic is simply not able.

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