Climatic anomaly guilty of pandemic influenza

Mark Lipsitz from Harvard and Jeffrey Shaman of Columbia University sure to abnormally low temperature on the water surface in the Eastern and Central tropical sector of the Pacific ocean, or natural phenomenon La niña, are provoking factor mass outbreaks of influenza.

This effect is the reverse process with respect to the natural phenomenon of El niño (warming of the ocean). Both of the above effects can last for about 9 months, which ultimately leads to changes in circulation patterns not only of the ocean (water) and atmosphere (air) flows, changing weather and climatic conditions on the planet Earth.

Scientists have studied 4 pandemic flu epidemic, which occurred in 1918, 1957, 1968 and 2009. They were all recorded in the spring or summer. At the same time were subjected to analysis of changes in temperature regimes in the tropical zone of the Pacific ocean. As it turned out, in autumn and winter, before the pandemics, the temperature of the water fell sharply. It talked about the fact that there is a natural phenomenon La niña.

According to experts, La niña forms for influenza virus simply ideal conditions that are suitable for genetic mutations resulting in the body of birds committing flights. By the way, they have already proved about the impact of the phenomenon of migration routes, duration of stops, fitness and mixing between species in migratory birds. All this together favors extremely easy exchange of genetic materials. Thus, light and new and very dangerous strains.

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