Climate influences the processes of obesity nation

It is proved, among all Europeans, Brits have the highest weight. Every fifth adult citizen of this country is obese. Scientists believe that when considering this situation, it is worth considering the peculiarities of the climate of the country. Cold, writes The Daily Mail, leads to the reproduction of specific bacteria obesity, which increase their activity in conditions of low temperature.

Scientists say that there are two kinds of bacteria - Bacterioidetes and Firmicutes. Proven flora full of people has a greater number of bacteria than the flora of a person with normal weight. Only the study involved more than a thousand people from 23 countries. It turned out that the more Northern location has led to an increase in the concentration of bacteria Firmicutes in the gut. Perhaps this phenomenon is associated with the defense reaction of the organism.

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Before conducting experiments with volunteers, scientists conducted experiments on laboratory mice with dysbiosis. It turned out that the introduction of bacteria Bacterioidetes and Firmicutes were led to increased levels of obesity in animals. Possibly, these types of bacteria extract a large amount of energy from food, increasing its digestibility.

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