Cleansing the body of toxins

People in the process of life accumulates in the body of the many toxins that contributes to the emergence of various diseases.

Get the toxins in the body with poor quality water, bad food, and also due to bad habits: Smoking, alcohol consumption, and mainly accumulate on the walls of the intestines. To get rid of toxins, it is necessary to conduct periodic cleansing of the body one of the acceptable human ways. Start cleaning can have on the performance of 20 years. If proper cleaning and to withstand all the instructions, you can get rid of many diseases.

Methods of purification of the body:

1. Starvation, which ideally should be more than 7 days, but with such terms need to be careful, some people just 2-3 days to get the effect. Immediately enter into a hunger strike cannot like to emerge from it. About the correct method of fasting will tell the doctor.

2. A popular technique that is effective, but long - cleansing the body by Fig. Takes 5 cans, one of which is placed 3 table. spoon unpolished rice and poured 2 glasses of water. Added daily the next Bank. After filling 5 banks, cooked rice from the first banks and eaten without salt and fasting. After which you can neither eat nor drink for 3 hours. The course of purification takes 2 months. During this time cleaned of salt deposits on the joints, reset a few extra pounds.

3. The good effect gives buckwheat diet. For this buckwheat is cooked, and just filled with boiling water and wrapped. After 3 hours of cereal you can eat, squeezed orange juice or tomato, but not bought, and squeezed himself. Eat porridge need 4 times a day up to 10 days.

4. Cleaning the intestines with the help of delicious and healthy juices. Taken on a small piece of pumpkin, Apple, beet and carrot, so to get to 100 g of juice only. Drinking juice on an empty stomach instead of Breakfast. The course takes no more than 10 days.

5. Well-known salad "Brush" when Breakfast is prepared salad grated on a coarse grater raw vegetables: red cabbage and cabbage, apples, carrots, pumpkin, greens. Salad sbrazhivaetsya lemon juice and olive oil.

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During the colon cleansing by any method necessary to drink up to 2 liters of water and you can put 1 in every 5 days enema.

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