Cleansing diets and their damage to the kidneys

Today around the world "goes" countless diets. They have a division on: strong, soft, mono-diet, liquid and so on. Each diet, as a rule, has both its pros and its cons. A separate topic of conversation is the so-called detox diets, or diets-has a cleansing effect.

The main task of cleansing diet is a detoxification of the body not only overweight, but also from its compounds that poison - varnishes and toxins. Due to the increasing popularity of this kind of diet specialists, nutritionists USA, it was decided to do their research, and they found that following such power circuits can be applied to your body and health in General irreparable harm.

Almost all diets, based on the cleansing of the body assume the exception of the use of the so-called, according to nutritionists "harmful" products. Preferably, according to experts, to eat fresh vegetables and fruits in large quantities, and drinking lots of water. Among other things, sitting on a cleansing diet is also recommended for bowel cleansing to do enemas.

However, in connection with the reason for this is dramatically reduce the caloric intake of food in the body there is a sharp decrease in the glucose concentration. Glucose, as is well known, the human body is needed as a fuel for the brain. Glucose, in addition, is a kind of building material for muscle tissue. When there is an acute shortage of glucose in the body suffers not only the brain, but the fibers of the muscles. But the strongest negative influence cleansing diet affect the tissues of the kidneys.

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