Cleaning of pillows and featherbeds - the key to healthy sleep

Feathers, which is at all times constant filler down featherbeds and pillows, still no less valuable material for their content of particular value in the world market. In fact, feathers invaluable material for filling accessories for sleep, which by their structure have a high quality ergonomic characteristics necessary ease and have a fairly long shelf life. And life determines how the origin of the pen, and proper use and care of products that represents the disinfection and cleaning of pillows and featherbeds.

As for the origin, the term "life" of each pen is predetermined depending on its natural structure and biological characteristics, goose down in the middle live 20-30 years, the lifetime of duck down somewhat smaller, 15-20 years, chicken feather can be used for a maximum of 10 years. In the future, the pen is subject to the natural process of decomposition and decay, which prematurely can contribute parasites such as dust mites, for which the pen is not that other, as a favorable habitat, which he eventually just turns to dust and dust.

In ago our ancestors were clean blankets and quilts, using the simplest of methods - they were "vigorelli", dried the dampness in the sun, beat and vysetrovani. This action, moreover, was the most affordable hygienic measures, allowing to perform disinfection and cleaning products made of down and feathers. Pillow and blanket - items that directly contribute not only comfortable and healthy sleep and rest, but at the negligent care of them capable of causing considerable harm to human health.

Bedding, accumulate over time in your down and feather content of the waste products of the same parasite in them dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions, viral infections and bacteria, decay products of natural human secretions - saliva and sweat. Because regular procedures for their rehabilitation, it is the necessary precautions that are recommended at least once a year and cleaning of pillows recommended products, the life of which exceeds 5 years. Today, cleaning and disinfection of pillows and duvets and featherbeds is not very difficult, and the procedure itself takes less than 30 minutes and it is produced in specialized stores.

Because there is no need to wash these products in the home, such actions cause a lot of trouble and can lead to unexpected consequences in the form of a breakdown of washing machines and spoilage good product. In the cleaning result in a specialized beauty of the down-and-feather mass is removed all debris and dilapidated pen, destroys all odors and disease-causing germs and microorganisms.

In addition is an excellent restoration of pillows, because the net pen elapsed appropriate cleaning and processing under the influence of ultraviolet rays is placed in a completely new covers and cases required size, buying fresh and brand new look.

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