Classification of contact lenses

Nowadays there are so many contact lenses. In this regard, difficulties arise during the selection. Very often one does not know what he will do. So, we suggest to familiarize with the classification of contact lenses.

Classification by material of manufacture.

Manufacturers offer hard and soft lenses. While hard are divided into gas-permeable and gas-tight. Each of this type has its own features, so it is best to get professional advice from the doctor before buying. Soft lenses are different levels of moisture content.

Classification by design.

Experts attribute the lens to the following categories: specific, toric, multifocal.

Specific designed for the correction of myopia and hyperopia.

Toric lenses are recommended for correction of astigmatism.

Multifocal designed for the correction of presbyopia, which occurs in older people.

Classification by mode of wearing.

Traditional soft lenses assistants are allowed to use for one year. If you choose a traditional hard, life can exceed one year.

Contact lenses of scheduled replacement will need to be changed once every six months.

Contact lenses frequent replacement or intended for use for a maximum of two weeks.

Classification by purpose.

Contact lenses can be divided into optical, used to improve vision; cosmetic used to correct a variety of injuries or defects of the eye; decorative that allow you to change eye color.

Currently, decorative contact lenses are among the most common. What can I say?

Tint lenses is necessary for those people who want to change or enhance eye color. You must keep in mind that they are only suitable for-haired people.

You want to dramatically change the natural color of their eyes? So, you need to choose colored lenses. It is important to note that you can use them even dark-eyed man!

Contact lenses crazy. This kind of products appeared relatively recently. In this case, the manufacturers of the products can be applied to various image effects. It's best to wear to the party.

Colored lenses with diopters is ideal for people who want to correct myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia, but at the same time to change eye color. In the end, their purpose is, as the optical and decorative.

Indications for the use of contact lenses: aphakia, protection of the cornea, myopia and hyperopia eyes, keratoconus.

Contraindications for use of contact lenses: Allergy eyes, the low sensitivity of the cornea, inflammation of the anterior segment, keratitis, conjunctivitis, dacryocystitis, obstruction of the lacrimal ducts, ptosis, xerophthalmia, blepharitis, and disturbances in the composition of the tear fluid.

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