Classification of alcohol poisoning

Sadly to say, but wedding, holiday, party, and even a business meeting, our understanding is necessarily associated with an abundance of alcoholic beverages. And as the statistics show, the majority of poisoning deaths in such events associated with the use of strong drinks. That's why today is so popular rehabilitation of drug and alcohol abuse.

Rehabilitation centers are now providing services related primarily to the conclusion of the binge, with the elimination of its consequences, the fight against brittle and much more. In addition, after treatment at the centre undertake the measures for the socialization of the individual. If you give him psychological help.

Alcohol poisoning are classified according to severity:

1. Poisoning by chemicals, similar to ethyl alcohol. Particularly dangerous in this respect provides methyl alcohol and ethylene glycol. Typically, such poisoning fatal (fatal dose of methanol, 100 ml, less than high doses can lead to complete blindness about 50 ml; also the probability of development of cirrhosis and necrotic damage internal organs).

2. Alcohol surrogates (moonshine, Palenque, and other), sometimes are as much a health hazard as well as fusel oils (higher alcohols), such drinks can contain all sorts of chemical substances released during decomposition of different additives that bootleggers add to "improve fortress". These are: tobacco, rubber, carbide, chicken manure (contains cyanide!) etc.

3. Alcohol intoxication. Observed in the use of alcohol beverages in excess of permissible limits. Symptoms of ethanol (ethanol, drinking alcohol) intoxication are: partial or complete loss of sensation, speech disorders, auditory and visual hallucinations. In severe cases of alcoholic psychosis develops. While human behavior is inadequate, often extremely aggressive. It is in this case shown the rehabilitation of alcoholics. It is this set of procedures can improve not only overall health, but also his social connections.

4. Alcohol withdrawal syndrome is the most frequent manifestation of alcohol poisoning. Usually the next day after drinking. Manifested as tremors of the fingers, disorders of the vestibular apparatus ("legs"), retching and vomiting (often with the release of bile secretion). You may experience increased temperature and pressure, outlast and purple of face, redness of the eyeballs. Heart rhythm disturbances can be of different nature: arrhythmia, bradycardia, tachycardia.

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