Classification-ear hearing AIDS

People who need a hearing aid must have some information about what hearing AIDS in-the-ear type are. Hearing AIDS, which are located in the ear, have some advantages. In particular, they attract small dimensions, which makes them invisible to outsiders. In addition, the housing of the device is made specially for each client from a cast of the ear passage of a person that enables you to achieve high performance of the device during use.

Thus maximizes the efficiency of the device. To the perception of sound as natural as possible and that the sound will be directed into the ear, in-the-ear hearing AIDS have a special hole. Audio processing can be carried out in different devices in different ways, and on this basis, allocate digital and analog devices. Most popular today are models of digital type, they are gradually replacing analog devices.

Digital models are much more analog types, because such devices can be programmed depending on the conditions in which speakers they work. In addition, they suppress side sounds, separate side noises from the basic sounds. The level of vosprinimaemogo sounds from digital devices type increased, due to the location and number of microphones. In these modern devices are often not one, but several microphones, and it is an indisputable advantage of the device. As a result, people are capable of hear sounds, no matter where he was, no matter how complex would the acoustic conditions. He will be able to distinguish the sounds in the crowd, transport, store, where a lot of extraneous sounds.

People are usually surprised when hears his voice changed, and devices that distort the sound of his own voice, man is always unpleasant. Digital models convey the voice of a man in the most natural way. Complaints on this side of the question to those who wear the digital device does not occur.

Important fact, that the control apparatus of a digital type using a remote control. Remote included, greatly facilitates the use of the device. Because it people - the user of the hearing device can easily change the settings of the machine, if somehow changed acoustic conditions.

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