Clasp dentures

One of the varieties of removable prosthetics - dentures, gained sufficient popularity among patients due to the compactness and structural strength, long-term operation of the product. Using bugel prosthesis restores the aesthetics of your smile and chewing function.

Conveniently the product is the fact that there is no need to remove it before going to sleep, and care is quite simple and is a regular cleaning of the prosthesis in the morning and in the evening, simultaneously performing the brushing.

Is the prosthesis of artificial teeth attached to a plastic imitating the gum metal arc clasp prosthesis, hooks, crowns, locks.

Dentures are different:

1. By way of attachment: microsemi, clasps, telescopic crowns.

2. In production material: plastic containing metal and metal-free.

The advantages of clasp dentures

• aesthetics

• low rates of clasp dentures

• easy maintenance

• convenience when wearing

• prevention of inflammation and other diseases of the gums

• maintaining the correctness of diction and sense of taste


• rubbing mounts gums

• long process of habituation

• the need to remove the prosthesis for his cleansing, and after each meal it is recommended to rinse the product under running water

Indications for the installation of clasp dentures

• if the tooth visible when talking and smiling

• to restore multiple teeth, or one

• high abrasion teeth

• for the correction of malocclusion

• in the treatment of periodontal disease

Contraindications to the installation of clasp dentures

• the presence of inflammation in the oral cavity and common diseases in the acute form

• period of gestation and breast-feeding child

• rehabilitation after some illness or therapy

• mental disorders

• allergic reactions to local anesthesia drug

• none of the abutment teeth to secure them bugala

• exhaustion of the patient in a strong stage

If dentures are correctly made, the addiction to nm takes from 10 days to one month, otherwise the correction is carried out products, correction of its design.

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