Circumcision protects against a number of sexually transmitted infections and HIV

For quite a long time already it is known that the procedure of circumcision halves the risk of Contracting some genital infections. However, only thanks to a recent study, scientists were able to explain this phenomenon.

Experts from Transnational research center in Arizona found that circumcision changes the bacteria on the head of the penis, and therefore the risk of genital infections and even HIV is declining, according mBio.

The specialists of the research center conducted a study, which was attended by 79 people - citizens of an African country. They also studied the condition of the 77 people who were selected as control group. Participants had studied the composition of the microflora before circumcision, and after one year after him. First, the participants of both groups of researchers found in a large number of anaerobic bacteria that are pathogenic because they have the majority of infections and inflammations. Meanwhile, in men, the last mentioned procedure, a year later these bacteria almost disappeared, giving way to this place beneficial aerobic bacteria. This phenomenon becomes a reason for circumcision has a protective effect against some diseases.

It should be noted that previous research has found that through circumcision almost half reduced risk of Contracting some genital infections and HIV, but scientists were unable to explain the nature of this phenomenon.

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