Cinnamon scientists declared potentially dangerous spice

Scientists from Saudi Arabia and the United States have found that some people may have an increased sensitivity to spices such as cinnamon, and it is able to cause the development of serious liver disease. Especially it concerns cheap varieties of cinnamon. It should be noted that cinnamon is one of the important flavors in the food industry, as well as the second most popular spice after black pepper in the United States and Europe. Scientists from the University of Mississippi in the United States and researchers from king Saud University conducted a study of cinnamon and came to the conclusion that the food, drinks and supplements with the contents of this spice are a danger to people's health. A more detailed study is published in the pages of the Journal chemistry of agriculture and food".

More harm sensitive to cinnamon to the people it contains a toxic substance called coumarin. Held earlier research work has revealed the involvement of coumarin to harm the liver in some people who have sensitivity to this substance. However, not all types of spices are equally toxic.

Itself cinnamon is made from tree bark, and in the sale it comes in the form of a powder or sticks. Part of the spices sold in the market is the so-called Ceylon cinnamon. It is produced in Sri Lanka, Seychelles and Madagascar. Another part, called the cinnamon Cassia, made in China and Indonesia. Ceylon cinnamon is more expensive, as it contains less coumarin, and cinnamon Cassia contains 18-63 times mentioned toxic substances and is cheaper.

As Ceylon varieties of cinnamon more expensive, naturally, they are not used widely in the food industry. And cinnamon Cassia because of its cheapness, has been frequently used in the manufacture of products in the U.S. and Europe, thus making them more toxic and dangerous. According to specialists, grade cinnamon powder to the consumer to distinguish impossible, and if it is sold in sticks, cinnamon Cassia thicker and Ceylon variety of cinnamon is much thinner.

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