Difficulties in the assimilation of new information will help to cope cinnamon. According to scientists from rush University. In the experiment with laboratory mice, they proved that regular consumption of cinnamon increases the memory capacity of animals and the absorption rate data. About the study tells the Can India.

Memory mainly depends on external factors: the person's desire to do a specific thing, his perseverance and diligence. Only a small part of the inherent genetic predisposition. That is why scientists pay so much attention way to improve memory. Some of them really work.

In the center of the brain is the hippocampus. This zone has an elongated shape and resembles a tail. Scientists have established, with the reduced protein level of CREB and high rates of GABRA5 protein is often marked by poor learning mammals. Both proteins are mainly found in the hippocampus.

Cinnamon thanks to a special chemical composition changes, the ratio in the right direction. Must have the ability to store data increase.

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