Cigarettes do not relieve stress in smokers

Among people are of the opinion that the cigarette is a great way to relieve stress. But it is not so. On the contrary, those smokers who will give up their bad habits, are less likely to experience stress, writes The Daily Mail, referring to the results of a study of anxiety level, conducted among 500 smokers.

Scientists from king's College London and the University of Oxford has registered a level of anxiety among people in the process area, and then the level of anxiety after they dropped the habit. Prior to the study, every fifth smoker stated that cigarette helps to fight stress. Was earlier conducted a global survey has shown that this opinion is shared by every second smoker.

The experiment participants were asked to complete a course of therapy that will relieve them from nicotine addiction. After six months 68 smokers from 491 finally quit the habit of Smoking. It was found that these people have the level of anxiety decreased significantly.

Those who failed to get rid of tobacco dependence, continued to be in even more stress than before the start of the experiment. The obtained data allowed scientists to say with confidence: Smoking is not a cure for stress.

According to British scientists, the myth that nicotine relaxes, most likely, was invented by people who tried to stop Smoking, and as a result, they have developed the syndrome. In this case, the cigarette could get them out of anxiety, but to cope with daily stress she cannot.

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