Cigarettes containing menthol preferable for smokers

Smoking by young people cigarettes with menthol leads to an increase of the daily dose of tobacco. Research has shown that fans of the cigarettes containing menthol smoke forty three cigarettes a week, while adherents of regular cigarettes - twenty-six.

According to Sandia Asagba from the University of Waterloo , menthol cigarettes are more popular because of the misconception about them less harmful. That's probably why people who bought cigarettes containing menthol, almost three times more often stated that they are not going to quit next year.

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Therefore, I declare various specialists: cigarettes with flavors should categorically deny. Last year's research at the University of Buffalo showed that among the younger population increases the demand for menthol cigarettes. Moreover, to reduce the amount of cigarette consumption among young people is extremely difficult. Especially popular menthol cigarette use among 12-17-year-olds (fifty-seven percent of youth against thirty percent of people older).

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